Version History

v0.8.1 (2022-05-12)

Bug fixes

  • Fix inconsistent bounds in metadata after subset operation by updating to clisops 0.9.1 (#94).

Other Changes

  • Merged pre-commit autoupdate (#93).

  • Updated logging using loguru (#92).

v0.8.0 (2022-04-13)

Breaking Changes

  • clisops>=0.9.0 required.

New Features

  • Added AverageTime operation (#90).

  • Added support for decadal fixes (#89, #87, #84, #83).

v0.7.0 (2021-10-28)

Breaking Changes

  • clisops>=0.7.0 and roocs-utils>=0.5.0 required.

  • fsspec no longer constrained to fsspec < 0.9

  • Python 3.7 required.

  • time input for time in ops.subset.subset but now be one of [<class ‘roocs_utils.parameter.param_utils.Interval’>, <class ‘roocs_utils.parameter.param_utils.Series’>, <class ‘NoneType’>, <class ‘str’>].

  • level input for level in ops.subset.subset but now be one of [<class ‘roocs_utils.parameter.param_utils.Interval’>, <class ‘roocs_utils.parameter.param_utils.Series’>, <class ‘NoneType’>, <class ‘str’>].

New Features

  • time_components argument added to ops.subset.subset to allowing subsetting by time components such as year, month, day etc.

Other Changes

  • Python 3.6 no longer tested in GitHub actions.

v0.6.0 (2021-05-19)

Breaking Changes

  • intake, fsspec<0.9 and aiohttp are new dependencies in order to use the intake catalog search functionality.

  • clisops>=0.6.4 and roocs-utils>=0.4.2 required.

New Features

  • Intake catalog search functionality added. In use in utils.consolidate: if the catalog is used for the project, then consolidate will find the files within the time range specified using the intake catalog, rather than opening xarray datasets.

  • intake_catalog_url has been added to etc/roocs.ini

v0.5.0 (2021-02-26)

New Features

  • average_over_dims added in daops.ops.average.

Other Changes

  • Refactoring of daops.ops.subset to use a base Operation class in daops.ops.base

v0.4.0 (2021-02-23)

Breaking Changes

  • In daops.utils.normalise ResultSet().file_paths has been changed to file_uris to allow file paths and URLs to be collected.

  • clisops>=0.6.1 and roocs-utils>=0.2.1 used.

  • New dev dependency: GitPython==3.1.12

  • consolidate_dset has been removed in daops.utils.consolidate as dset_to_filepaths from roocs_utils.project_utils is now used to find the file paths.

New Features

  • daops.utils.core.is_characterised implemented - datasets are looked up in the character store.

  • apply_fixes option now added to daops.ops.subset.subset, daops.utils.normalise.normalise and daops.utils.core.open_dataset. The default in all cases is to apply fixes (True).

Other Changes

  • Changes to allow datasets without a time dimension to be processed.

  • Swapped from travis CI to GitHub actions

  • Test data no longer a submodule - the data is retrieved from GitHub when the tests are run.

  • Use of DatasetMapper functions in daops.consolidate and daops.core to ensure all datasets are mapped to ids/file paths correctly.

v0.3.0 (2020-11-19)

Updating doc strings and documentation.

Breaking Changes

  • clisops>=0.4.0 and roocs-utils>=0.1.4 used.

  • data_refs parameter of daops.ops.subset.subset renamed to collection.

  • space parameter of daops.ops.subset.subset renamed to area.

  • chunk_rules parameter of daops.ops.subset.subset renamed to split_method.

  • filenamer parameter of daops.ops.subset.subset renamed to file_namer.

  • output_type parameter option added to daops.ops.subset.subset.

  • data_root_dir parameter in no longer needed daops.ops.subset.subset.

  • data_root_dir no longer a parameter of daops.utils.consolidate.consolidate.

New Features

  • Added notebook with example usage.

  • Config file now exists at daops.etc.roocs.ini. This can be overwritten by setting the environment variable ROOCS_CONFIG to the file path of a config file.

  • split_method implemented to split output files by if they exceed the memory limit provided in clisops.etc.roocs.ini named file_size_limit. Currently only the time:auto exists which splits evenly on time ranges.

  • file_namer implemented in subset operation. This has simple and standard options. simple numbers output files whereas standard names them according to the input dataset.

  • Directories, file paths and dataset ids can now be used as inputs to the subset operation.

  • Fixer class now looks up fixes on our elasticsearch index.

Other Changes

  • Updated documentation.

  • Functions that take the data_refs parameter have been changed to use collection parameter instead.

  • Functions that take the data_ref parameter have been changed to use dset parameter instead.

v0.2.0 (2020-06-22)

  • Updated to use clisops v0.2.0 (#17)

  • Added xarray aggregation tests (#16)

v0.1.0 (2020-04-27)

  • First release with clisops v0.1.0.